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Ka Cheetah series wristwatch


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Ka Cheetah series wristwatch
The PANDE CARTIE series Cheetah Watch was born in the 1980s, and the new PDE CARTIER series retains the classic sapphire crown design of the timepiece, showcasing the style of a “blue blood aristocrat”.
【 Case 】 The watch has a diameter of 27 * 37mm and features an elegant and smooth square case. It is charming, gorgeous, and unrestrained, showcasing the aesthetic style expressed by the PANDE CARTIER Cheetah watch.
The five row chain is made of high-quality steel, with a soft texture and can perfectly fit on the wrist. Together with the case, it showcases the pure and exquisite beauty of the timepiece as a whole. The flexible and flexible five row chain watch chain, carefully crafted, has a full and tempting texture that leaves a deep impression. This watch inherits the exquisite watch chain and gorgeous design of the series.
On the pure white dial, the large Roman numeral time mark and the central blue steel pointer complement each other, making the time indication clear and intuitive.
This watch is equipped with a Swiss quartz movement to ensure precise timing. The back cover of the watch is designed with a tight bottom, which can better ensure the safety and reliability of the watch movement compared to the beautiful back transparent design.
The watch series is suitable for both daily wear and formal wear, and can be paired with the wearer’s exclusive style in different occasions Car4678

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