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Fragrant square small gold flower earrings Z 6k ➕? I forgot how much it was! The two batches I bought were mixed up, and I don’t know which one corresponds to which price 😂, 23 Handicraft Workshop’s latest series! Beautiful little gold flower earrings! Feeling great! The first batch of small amount of cash flows ❗ The old rule is first come, first served 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️ Exquisite retro gold plating! Love, love 💗 Superb! Super flavorful! Xiaojinhua is super exquisite! The back design is also very bright, with advanced details that directly fill the space 👍🏻 Lightweight and exquisite! It’s so beautiful ❗ The daily pairing is amazing! Every aspect is well handled! The three-dimensional feeling of the petals is too exquisite and exquisite ❣️ Every detail is handled by the master under a microscope 🔬 Infinitely magnified and contrasted, the details are carved bit by bit, with absolute craftsmanship, super Hong Kong style, and a strong retro style. I will love it very much in ten years 💗 Wall crack recommendation! The same series of earrings and necklaces are updated simultaneously! Suggest one set for wall cracking 🛍

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